U Series (ULD / UPD)

Low Noise, Stainless Steel Regenerative Turbine Pump. High Self Priming Capability (UPD)   

  General industrial applications
  Integrated with a variety of OEM machines
  Pure water and chemical liquid supply
  Washing solvent supply, suitable for filtration applications

   Due to selection of material combinations (SUS304 / PTFE / SiC) can target variety of applications
   Very low noise levels silimar to centrifugal pumps
   Additional noise reduction measures not required
   Self-priming over 8 meters (25 feet)
   SiC x special carbon mechanical seal (model ULD-J) option available for pure water (low-viscosity liquid) applications


Performance Curve 


  Series nameULD - Standard ULD-JUPD
(Self priming)
  Total headMax. 50 m
  Flow rateMax. 100 L/minMax. 190 L/min
  Liquid temp.~ 90 ℃ 

  Casing / coverSCS13
  Mech. seal SiC - SiC, PTFESiC - Carbon, PTFESiC - SiC, PTFE
  ShaftODP & TEFC motor: SS316L  
  Increased safety motor: SS304
  Motor Data 

  Single phase
   Drip protection motor 
   50Hz/60Hz  : 100/110/115/200/220/230V 0.2~0.4kW  
   IP22, Insu. class: E. PS-E
  Three phase  
   Total enclosed fan cooled  motor
   50Hz : 200V  60Hz : 200/220V  0.2~3.7kW
   IP44, Insu. class : E. PS-E
  Three phase increased safety (A)   50Hz : 200V 60Hz : 200/220V 0.2~ 0.75kW
   IP44, Insu. class : E. PS-E
  Noise Level: dB(A) at 50Hz Frequency  

    Model  During operationJEM standard
  15ULD02Z 5559 
  20ULD04Z 5861 
  25ULD07Z  5963 
  32ULD15Z 6467 
Self Priming Capability:  Min at 50Hz, Water Temperature 5 ℃  

    Model Suction head -4mSuction head -8 m
  20UPD04Z 4
  25UPD07Z 48
  32UPD15Z 24
  40UPD22Z 24
  50UPD37Z 24

Self priming capability
Self priming capability dipends on type of liquid, temperature and piping
Above values will be approximately double for water at 20C

(Unit : mm,kg)

15ULD02Z0.2Rc 1/2139.55260207863286109100801281007x82.312912
20ULD04Z0.4Rc 3/41516650228571308121112901401107x82.313714
20ULD07Z0.75Rc 3/4163665022858036716812510016513010x84.514627.5
25ULD04Z0.4Rc 1151.57260269571314121112901401107x82.313717
25ULD07Z0.75Rc 1163.5726026958037316812510016513010x84.514628.5
25ULD15Z1.5Rc 11827260269590378154.514012517614910x121015641.5
32ULD07Z0.75Rc 1/41608463301148037416812510016513010x84.514629
32ULD15Z1.5Rc 1/4178.584633011490379154.514012517614910x121015642