About Us


Nikusystec with Headquaters in Singapore is the authorized Regional Distributor in ASEAN countries for Nikuni Co. Ltd. Japan which was established in 1946. Nikuni Japan is a manufacturer of specialised quality pump and precision equipment. In case corporation and partnership with Nikuni Japan showcases a range of equipment and systems such as:

  1. Nikuni KTM Micro-Nano Bubble Generators and Mixers for industrial Dissolved Air Floatation and Mixing of Gas and Liquid.
  2. Nikuni Small and Big Specialised Pumps for industrial and process applications for all type of industries.
  3. Nikuni Specialised Filtration Equipment and systems and VDF Hydro-cyclone separators for industrial and process applications.
  4. Nikuni White Ion Bath (Micro/Nano Bubble Generation Technology) and Tonic Bath (Carbon Dioxide Bath Enhanced Concentration) for all kind of bath and spa pools for the hospitality and wellness industries.
  5. Nikusystec is the partner and regional distributor of Nikuni Japan for Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand for all their range of pumps and filtration and separation systems for industrial and process applications. Nikusystec also is the exclusive partner and distributor of Nikuni Japan Milky White Ion Bath or Silk Bath, Tonic Bath equipment, systems, pumps and future products developed for the hospitality and wellness industries for the ASEAN Market.

We welcome you to visit our product offerings and look forward to hear from you.

Management of NIKUSYSTEC Group