Cast stainless steel regenerative turbine pump for process applications  

  General industrial applications
  Petrochemical industrial
  Pharmaceutical and food industrial
  Chemical industrial

  As corrosion-resistant material is used, it is suitable for chemical liquid such as petroleum products and organic solvent. It can be used at low NPSH and high suction pressure
  Suction lifting head up to 4 m

Performance Curve

Specification data   

  Series name TN TN-4P
  Total head Max. 150 m Max. 62 m
  Flow rate Max. 130 L/min Max. 63 L/min
  Liquid temperature ~ 120℃
  Connection Suction and discharge : JIS 20K
  Bearing Oil-bath system


  Series name TN TN-4P
  Casing & cover SCS13
  Impeller SS304
  Mechanical seal Ceramic - Carbon  (Can be replaced with SiC - Carbon or SiC - SiC material)
  O-ring PTFE
  Shaft  SS304

    Special specifications   

    Special specification    Detail
   Quenching system for mechanical seal   For liquid temperature higher than 90℃
Crytallization of liquid when exposed to the ambient air
  External jacket system for mechanical seal   Thermal insulation for mechanical seal
   Cooling system of bearing    When bearing need to be cooled