D Series (DKL / DKH / DNL / DNH)

Lead-free Copper And Stainless Steel Turbine Pump  

Applications :
General industrial applications
Circulation of hot and cold water media
Integrated with a variety of OEM machines
Chemical liquid supply

Features :
Lead-free copper components, friendly to people and the environment
Amount of copper leaching onto water < 0.005 mg/L (standard value 0.01 mg/L)
Stable and reliable performance at small flow rates

Performance Curve

Specification Data   

  Series nameDKL / DKHDNL / DNH
  Total head Max. 110m
  Flow rateMax. 75 L/min
  Liquid temp.-20 to 120℃


  Casing / coverLead-free copperSCS14
  Mechanical sealSiC - Carbon
Motor Data   

  Single phase /
Open drip proof motor
50Hz / 60Hz 100V 0.37 to 0.56kWIP22, Insu. class: E.PS-E
  Three phase /
Total enclosed fan cooled motor
50Hz: 200/380/400/415
60Hz: 200/220/380/400/440/460
IP54, Insu. class: E.PS-E


(Unit : mm,kg)

8DKL010.1Rc 1/4Rc 1/49416162556171777043906.55907
15DKL030.37Rc 1/2Rc 3/812016145071256.5110112901407x82.31398
20DKL050.55Rc 3/4Rc 1/212017175571255.5110112901407x82.31389