C Series (CT (CTC, CTE, CTF, 100CFC/CFE/CFF))

Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump

   General industrial applications
   Refinery and petrochemical industries
    Pharmaceutical and food industries
   Chemical industries

   Due to selection of material combinations in Stainless 
    Steel and PTFE, it can target variety of applications such as
   solvent, chemical, pure water or petrochemical liquid.
   Easy maintenanace is possible without removing piping
   due to B.P.O (Back-Pull-Out) design had been applied.
   High performance, compact in size and low NPSH design.


Performance Curve (2 Pole)

Performance Curve (4 Pole)

Specification Data   

  Series nameCTCT-K
  Total headMax. 85 m
  Flow rateMax. 1400 L/min
  Liquid temperature~ 80℃~ 150℃ (oil) / ~ 120℃ (water)

  Series nameCTCT-K
  Casing & coverSCS13
  Mechanical sealCeramic - Carbon, PTFEWC - Carbon, PTFE
  Shaft SS304

Special specification for mechanical seal and packing
Tungsten carbide - Carbon, PTFE with seal marking of "-K"
Tungsten carbide - Tungsten carbide, PTE with seal marking of "-W"
 SiC - SiC, PTFE (Double seals configuration)
Special specification for structure
Oil bath lubrication, Quenching, Cooling, External flushing and special standard flange