C Series CL (A, B, C & E)

Stainless steel centrifugal pump

   General industrial applications
   Circulation of hot and cold water /media
   Integrated with a variety of OEM machines
   Pure water and chemical liquid supply

   Due to Center-Top construction and B.P.O (Back-Pull-Out)
   design, maintenanace can be done easily without
   removing pipiing or connectiones 
   High performance, compact in size and low NPSH design.
   Suitable for variety applications

Performance Curve

Specification Data

  Series name CL CL-V
  Total head Max. 52 m
  Flow rate Max. 380 L/min
  Liquid temperature ~ 80℃ ~ 150℃ (oil) / ~ 120℃ (water)


  Series name CL CL-V
  Casing & cover SCS13
  Impeller SCS13
  Mechanical seal SiC- SiC, PTFE SiC- Carbon, FKM
  O-ring PTFE FKM
  Shaft  SS304