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They are mailed in a separate envelope to a separate address. We take care of the rest. Opens its fourth distribution center in Carthage, Mississippi. We keep ordering simple. Select Brazos County Detention Center. Smart Communications/Brazos Co Det Center. Tiger Correctional Services makes it possible for you to safely and securely make Web deposits or buy commissary gifts for an inmate from anywhere in the United States, according to Tiger Correctional Online Services. Enter your billing information. By sending the mail to PO Box 591, Longview, Texas 75606 you agree to the items being destroyed and understand that anything you mail to PO Box 591, Longview, Texas 75606 will not be returned or reimbursed for. https://orders.tigercommissary.com/services/SelectInmate.aspx?fCode=kauf&stateAbbr=TX&stateName=Texas&city=Kaufman&facilityName=Kaufman%20County%20Detention%20Center&fId=190&listInmates=True&onlineService=commissary, Copyright 2023 Kaufman County Sheriff's Office. There is no software to install or maintain. providing a complete service solution for all of your inmate communication needs! Tiger Correctional Services COMMISSARY Transform your facility with a fine-tuned, comprehensive program that consistently provides the highest dollar return to your jail. Opens its third distribution center in La Place, Louisiana. TigerSnack allows friends and family to send a care package from home! Go to Tiger Services Online. 2023 TIGER | Site created and hosted by, TIGER Commissary & Food Services offers the best overall value. You can visitwww.tigersnack.comto check out the ordering site. Select a facility by simply clicking one of the states below. We do this by providing excellent working conditions, superior leadership, compensation based on performance, opportunities for growth and a high degree of employment security. Tiger Correctional Services Business Profile Tiger Correctional Services Commissary Contractors Contact Information 515 W Washington Ave Jonesboro, AR 72401-2782 Get Directions Visit Website. Simply click one of the facilities below. From savings achieved with our buying power to cost-reductions in management realized with our experience and expertise, TIGER helps your kitchen operate more efficiently. They select an inmates favorite snacks and personal care products using a simple online picture menu system. TIGER helps you run a more efficient department by reducing the time and effort associated with your commissary operations. **All hours are Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm unless otherwise noted. Nobody matches the many versatile and functional features of TIGER banking software. You will learn a lot from him if you pay close attention. She is always on the go! From then on, she was always referred to as Tiger and I never heard him call her by any other name. Money may be deposited into an inmate's trust fund account via the online web deposit . Tiger Commissary Frequently Asked Questions. Many inmates have friends and family that cant travel to the inmates location. Commissary & Accounting | Tiger Correctional COMMISSARY & ACCOUNTING The Single Most Important Component of Any Jail Management Manage your commissary program and easily keep track of your inmate trust accounting through our innovative and easy-to-use software. This service allows you to place money in the inmates trust fund account. To see our business through the eyes of our customers and respond to their needs and concerns as a coordinated team. TigerSnack allows friends and family to send a care package from home! Quickly Create Bills, Manage Recaptured Funds, & MORE! To be the most dependable, respected and innovative provider of services that enhance the correctional and law enforcement community in the U.S. To treat each employee in a fair and ethical manner and offer each employee an opportunity for personal and professional growth. There is absolutely no cost andno obligation to your jail at any time to use this e-commerce program, which also handles all transactions online. Select Houston County Jail. Fort Leavenworth Commissary. Fort Hood - Warrior Way. Enforce Disciplinary Rules by Restricting Commissary Access. The Single Source Provider for the Services Your Facility Needs Most! There will never be a time where you will question when you work. Job Opportunities. Very easy to talk with a decision maker. All inmate mail, EXCEPT for legal mail, newspapers, magazines, and bulk mail must be mailed to the following address utilizing the existing Kaufman County Sheriffs Office Detention Facility inmate mail rules. Tailored to deliver bigger profits at smaller facilities. We can pick your inmates orders and deliver from our warehousewhere we stock popular, high quality, name brand productsor operate out of your facility or ship bulk commissary items directly to your facility. This is much cheaper than postage, envelopes, and the time it takes to mail a letter plus the inmate will receive the message and/or picture instantly. The Single Source Provider for the Services Your Facility Needs Most! The Single Source Provider for the Services Your Facility Needs Most! Set Custom Parameters to View Inmates who Qualify as Indigent. Gregg County is not responsible for money orders with no return address or money lost in the mail. This is especially true regarding commissary services, where margins are thin to begin with and performance and expertise readily translate into more profits. When Pam and I founded Tiger Correctional Services in 1999, it was only fitting to pay tribute to her influence on my life by naming the company in her honor. Our inmate commissary service is a fast and secure way for family and friends to place a commissary order for an inmate. This includes pictures or anything else mailed to the processing facility. We will accomplish this by staying focused and adaptable to changes in technology and service requirements. Click on your state to see the job openings in your area! 1835 Sandy Point Road. Money orders are not forwarded to the inmate once he/she has been released. Only mail that is within 8.5 inches wide x 11 inches tall will be accepted. (AND no more sorting through it all). Fort Hunter Liggett. We strive to recruit, develop and reward employees of exceptional ability, character and dedication. Start saving for your future and benefit from Tigers matching contribution to a 401k plan. (118 items shown. Units on lockdown and inmates on Commissary Restriction will not be eligible for an eComm package until after the lockdown/restriction is lifted. Create a Website Account - Manage notification subscriptions, save form progress and more. We serve and protect our community with professionalism by providing a safe and secure detention facility for all individuals in our care or custody to fulfill our role in the Criminal Justice System. Just have us turn in on for your facility and start receiving a monthly profit deposit! This Helpful Report Provides an Overview of Inmate Balances. Overall I am more satisfied being with Tiger than any positions I have had elsewhere., I have worked for Tiger for over six months and I am very happy with the company and management. The process to add money to inmates accounts: *When those steps are completed please address your envelope to the following address:Inmate Trust Fund 101 East Methvin Street, Suite # 700 Longview, Texas 75601, For further information contact: Marilyn PierceInmate Finance Phone: 903-236-1775. 2023 TIGER | Site created and hosted by. Save Time by Consolidating All Cash Drawers for One Deposit. Deposits to Inmate Commissary Funds can now be made online. To look at the nation as our marketplace and to commit ourselves to providing that market with quality products, services and support. Any mail with writing on the back will be returned to sender. Introduces online service allowing inmate friends and family to purchase commissary inmates accounts from anywhere in the US. TIGER is the single source provider for the services your facility needs most. Manages Additional Sources of Money & Updates Check Register. Bowie County Correctional Facility Address: Jail: 105 West Front Street Sheriff: 710 James Bowie Dr (New Boston) Texarkana, TX 75501 Phone: 903-798-3505 Bowie County Correctional Facility - Commissary Instructions The Bowie County Correctional Facility contracts with Tiger Commissary. While also known as a jail canteen, prison commissary, and other terms, this is where inmates can purchase authorized items. Follow the rest of the instructions for Houston County Jail to complete your transaction. Sign In (or create an account); Once you have added your inmate, select the "+" icon next to their name to expand the page. Conveniently Create Paychecks Directly from the Account. Income protection while on a medical leave gives employees the time to recover after illness. Inmate Trust Fund Deposits may be made at any time with a limit of $300 per deposit transaction. Our goal is to provide the most advanced and most efficient inmate commissary, food . Tiger Commissary - Online Services Home Facility Service You have chosen the Polk Co Detention Center in Livingston, TX Click here to select a different facility. Web Services | Tiger Correctional COMMISSARY WEB ONLY SERVICES Use our proven, reliable e-commerce program to boost profits! The Single Source Provider for the Services Your Facility Needs Most! 2023 TIGER | Site created and hosted by, Full service & full function program that delivers the maximum profits. Customers swear by it (not at it) every day! If you want to purchase Commissary for your inmate online click on the image below and follow the instructions. We strive to recruit, develop and reward employees of exceptional ability, character and dedication. They make the most of my experience to have the most individual impact. To make a deposit with Tiger Correctional Services, choose the state and facility where the inmate is incarcerated and choose the first letter of the inmates last name, reports Tiger Correctional Online Services. Tiger has solutions for every size of jail and every service situation! TIGERTRACK JAIL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SYSTEM introduced to provide affordable, fully featured corrections management software. The Single Source Provider for the Services Your Facility Needs Most! Use our proven, reliable e-commerce program to boost profits. I remember after having the car for about six months, she came home one night from running around and my grandfather said, That woman is like a tiger. The online amount purchased will not affect the amount that offenders may spend on commissary items from funds deposited in their inmate trust fund account. Choose Texas. Your schedule will not vary and you will not have to work nights. Do not put letters with the money order. Keep Track of E-Cigs or Other Items That Need to be Returned. Gifts can be in the form of snacks, clothing, personal hygiene items and beverages. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. They pay with a debit or credit card, and their order is quickly processed and delivered to the inmate with TIGERs industry-leading accuracy guarantee. The hiring process was clear and simple for the most part., 2023 TIGER | Site created and hosted by. Commissary is only as good as the inmates orders. Develops TIGEREXPRESS to provide online commissary services to under-served small jail markets. With over 200 menu items, its a winning combination for your jail, your inmates, and their families. Item Number. Department directors are available to answer questions at all times. Our first priority is ensuring that our customers have a system thats simple to navigate and meets the daily needs of their operation. Optimize Resources by Adding Multiple Line Items to One Check! Tiger Commissary - Online Services Let's Get Started. Web commissary with food management is a winning combination for facilities with lower inmate populations. Click on 'Order Commissary'.

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