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.357 good 44mag better. The best barrel length for 6mm ARC is 18 inches for a rifle with good velocity that is still relatively easy to transport. While no modern rifles are chambered for the .375 Winchester, you can find them on the used market, and Winchester still offers a 200-grain Power Point load at 2,200 fps. The fast burning powder gives more velocity out of the shorter barrel. The 158-grain bullets have less drop at 100 yards because they are going about 200 fps more at the muzzle, but it has less penetration at 100 yards because the bullet has a lower sectional density and ballistic coefficient. Hornadys 170-grain American Whitetail soft-point load, for example, managed 1,551 feet per second out of the Model 350 as compared to 2,200 feet per second from a rifle barrel. The 350 Legend is essentially a long pistol round using pistol powder so 16 tends to be optimal. You have entered an incorrect email address! For me, a 16 barrel in 6.5 Grendel is great for hunting since I dont do much past 300 yards anyway. That extra 4 inches doesnt do as much youd think. Longer barrels tend to be more accurate, but make the firearm heavier, while shorter barrels are more portable, but wont be as accurate at longer distances. I hardly even notice its there. Hunters felt the push when they pulled the trigger, and the deer felt the whack when the bullet hit home. that means that even if you could get the same velocities using 180 grain bullets, the 350 Legend would still noticeably outperform the .357 Mag after 100 yards. The best barrel length for a 9mm handgun is 5 inches. Hornady's 165-grain FTX Customs are doing 2,200-fps and are hitting with 1,773-foot pounds of energy. The 350 Legend has a slightly higher Ballistic Coefficient which means it takes longer to slow down than the 44 Mag. In fact, I only got one because of that. The fact is, the 357 Magnum is considered a pistol round. A straight-wall, .452-caliber cartridge with a rebated rim, its capable of pushing a 250-grain bullet to 2,200 fps. In states like Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, and Indiana, we've been regulated to using shotguns, muzzleloaders, or handguns only for decades now. link to What is a Pistol Caliber Carbine? That means more muzzle energy and momentum than the .357 with a bigger hole, and with similar trajectory. It would be easily duplicated with the Winchester 350 legend. The 350 Legend also uses the same .346 bore and .355 groove dimensions as 357 Mag and 357 Max. Sorry, no opinion on extraction other than I never had a problem with .223. The 44 Magnum has 100-yards less effective range than a 350 Legend. Mag. The best barrel length for the 7mm Rem Mag is 26 for maximum velocity and powder burn. A revolver has no safetys to manipulate during a VERY high stress situation such as a bear attack and not all 1911s have ambidextrous controls should your gun hand be injured. Now, what may be surprising is the energy threshold. Safety mostly, but I do like the versatility range of the 45-70 vs the 450. As you can see in the chart above, theres not much benefit to velocity with barrels above 16 to 18 inches. It is a true joy to shoot, and you'll be more accurate because of it. Similar bullet tolerances also exist for 357 Magnum and 357 Maximum. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[336,280],'guntradition_com-leader-1','ezslot_8',113,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-guntradition_com-leader-1-0');The red text and asterisk are to show the max point and shoot factor. Therefore, bullets exit the muzzle at approximately .355 when fired from any of those three cartridges. A 24 barrel will add an extra 120 fps compared to 16 but is not considered enough extra velocity to warrant the added barrel length. The 223/5.56 is the most common centerfire rifle cartridge in the US. Barrel lengths under 28 will cause loss of unburnt powder. The best barrel length for a hunting rifle is between 22-26 depending on caliber and powder burn rate. You will still get more velocity out of longer barrels, as expected, just not as much of an increase. Don't miss a story! The best barrel length for 17 HMR is 18 inches to achieve the best velocity per barrel length. The low bullet mass is Many people even prefer using a barrel as short as 9 for 350 Legend since you only lose about 240 feet per second when compared to a 16 barrel. Winchester's response was a whole new cartridge that did just that. Its unethical to shoot an animal if you know its not a sure shot. The 350 Legend SAAMI bullet diameter is specified at .357-.003. Many shooters opt for a 16 barrel if they dont plan on shooting past 500 yards or theyll prefer a 26 barrel for mile shots or long range shooting. 24-26 barrels are also popular for the 280 AI, however, anything below 24 and you lose too much velocity and wont be making the most of the round. If you are wanting to use an expanding bullet for the .357, make note of that. However, for an all around good hunting rifle, an 18 barrel is the most popular option for 6.5 Grendel. When youre taking shots at just a couple hundred yards, 20 to 22 inch or 18 inch suppressed barrels are considered optimal for 6.5 Creedmoor. If the goal is less than 500 yards, an 18-20 barrel will work great for a 308. is even more expensive. The 350 has a lighter kick than a 243 or 30-30! Many turkey hunters will use a barrel length between 20-24 inch. Barrel lengths as short as 3 inches for 9mm are more popular for those who want to conceal the handgun in a purse or on their person. This is partly because its essentially intended for just a smattering of states. Before buying a new firearm, many gun owners want to know what the best barrel length is for a certain application. From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiasts, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. Barrel lengths longer than 5 inches are generally less likely to be open carried or concealed. Many 17 HMR barrels will be 20 to 22 inches, but an 18 barrel has been known to shoot just as well. It really depends which round you plan on using in the AR pistol. WebThe 350 Legend has a BC that ranges between 0.186 to 0.264, which is not very impressive if you're a long-range shooter but remember this caliber maxes out at 250yds and performs best below 200 yards. If you want a bolt action or AR15, or if your going to buy factory ammo, then 350 legend then 350 legend is it. If I swap out 170 grains a bullet weight of 180 grain in my ballistics calculator and adjust the velocity accordingly, the only difference at 250 yards is about an inch of drop. A former police ofcer and serviceman with the U.S. Army, Richard A. Mann is one of the most well-respected rearms authorities writing on the subject today. The vitals zone on a deer is about 8 inches wide. Barrel lengths above 20 inches will be more accurate at longer distances. Heres what I mean. A good place to start looking for barrels is Here at OpticsPlanet. Compared to to .357 Magnum hunting loads, the 350 Legend tends to be faster, more powerful, and deliver straighter trajectories. It's a little bullet with a decent velocity, but will it actually fill the freezer? I either thought these were worth mentioning or got a couple questions about them in the past. Using the same weight bullet, the 350 Legend will work out to 240 yards. Some mistakenly consider it light for deer, but its an ideal short-range whitetail cartridge thatll shoot much more accurately than any slug. Judging from the ballistic coefficient alone, the 30-30 has a slight advantage. I know no one likes that answer but I just wouldnt shoot 5.56 out of a 7 inch barrel, but 9mm I would. Both cartridges can look similar to the eye, but they are most certainly not. If you sit the 350 Legend side by side with a 5.56 round, you'll notice they are roughly the same length. The name's Jordan, but friends call me Jordy. It will shoot a bit flatter than the .45-70 Government or .444 Marlin. Both rounds can reliably take deer out to 250 yards. Also forgetting the .450 marlin. This rifle is a tack driver that will get the job done on that big buck this season. The 350 Legend will shoot deer much farther and has better bullets available. Designed by Marlin in 1964, it became a favorite cartridge for deer hunters and developed an almost cult-like following. The best barrel length for a 6.5 Creedmoor hunting rifle is 20 inches. Lets talk about that for a second. Some hunters say that the .357 Mag is good to 150 yards. However, if using indoors or in close quarters, the difference between 3 and 5 inches is hard to notice. A pistol can have any barrel length under 16 inches, and will often be between 3 and 16 inches. Many people get around this by not attaching buttstock to the firearm, effectively making the firearm a pistol instead. It is a true joy to shoot, and you'll be more accurate because of it. The best barrel length for a 357 Magnum Rifle is 16 for the round to reach maximum velocity. A box of .357 Mag. Then Ill put a 5 inch barrel 9mm holstered on the hip if I feel like having more ammo capacity. The manufacture remains the king of the extreme long range game. There is a point of diminishing accuracy returns with barrel length. Cwlongshot Cast Bullet Guy Supporter Joined Jan 17, 2014 Messages 13,606 Likes 47,945 Location Sure .44 hits hard, but that's a lot to do with the mass of the bullet over how fast it's going. Stopping Power Barrel lengths between 10-14 are best for portability in close quarters, and 20 barrels are best if your goal is long range shooting. Besides, that is one of the most popular barrel lengths anyway. This is a revolver round that, from a rifle, will push a 270-grain bullet to similar velocities of around 1,800 fps. Eight major concealed carry insurance programs are now available to the millions of Americans who carry concealed. The first is impact velocity and the second is the minimum energy threshold. The best barrel length for a 22lr is 16 for rifles and 10 for pistols. The Best Barrel Length for 350 Legend AR Pistol Thats why I recommend the 180 grain for both cartridges. One of my good friends has one in a modern 1873 Winchester, and during one season, he and a handful of other hunters used that rifle to take over a dozen deer, all with one shot each. comparing similar 180-grain bullets, it has more initial energy and more expected velocity in 16-inch barrels. 5845(a)(3)-(4), (c)] (source). Barrel lengths shorter than 22 will suffer velocity loss and increased felt recoil unless a muzzle brake is used. This sounds very similar to an SBR because it essentially is except the SBR has a stock instead of a brace. However, if deer hunting in a previously shotgun-only state were all I ever planned to ever do, a new Ruger or Mossberg in .450 Bushmaster might be the way to go; and the .350 Legend has a great deal of appeal, given its external ballistics, lesser recoil and subsonic capabilities. Both work well within their effective range. The 30/30 has a slightly higher ballistic coefficient, so it should penetrate about 5 percent more. The best barrel length for a 40 S&W is 4 in a handgun. Many people like to keep an AR pistol or SBR in their vehicle, so size does matter. For me the problem is that 350 legend headspaces on case mouth (as there is no rim like .357 or .41 mag) Normally, a cartridge that headspaces on case mouth does not see more than say 37,000 psi of pressure. My #1Ruger can use 400gr bullets at 2100 fps. If you were thinking tactical applications, the 357 mag will not penetrate basic level 3A armor; not even penetrator rounds. The most popular carbine barrel lengths are 9 inches, 11.5 inches, or 16 inches depending on caliber used. Interesting length choice as that is the case length of a 460 S&W, which the law at one point read "traditional straight wall pistol cartridge." A shorter barrel will give the firearm more recoil and more flash from unspent gun powder but the trade off for more maneuverability is considered to be well worth it. Any barrel length above 18 will not significantly improve velocity. Its nothing more than a .223 Remington cartridge case with the shoulders blown out to form a straight-wall case that will accept a .358-caliber bullet. I bought a barreled upper in 350 Legend for my AR. The .357 Mag has enough energy to reliably take a deer at 75 yards with heavy ammo. Most 12 gauge shotguns are sold with 26 or 28 barrels, however, the velocity difference between a 22 and 30 barrel is negligible. The 350 Legend has a slightly higher Ballistic Coefficient which means it takes longer to slow down than the 44 Mag. If you are looking for a point-and-shoot gun, keep it to 150 yards. That should give you decent expansion out of all bullets. Theres nothing wrong with shooting within 100 yards. The best barrel length for 9mm is 7 inches based on percentage increases of velocity per barrel inch. This was partly because it was introduced at about the time of the AR-15 craze that hit the United States (at that time, everyone wanted an AR in .223 Remington). The best barrel length for a 357 Sig is 4 inches because the round was designed to be used in shorter barrels. WebThe 350 Legend is arguably over twice as effective on deer-sized game than a rifle chambered in .357 Magnum. The best barrel length for 350 Legend is 16 inches. HOW FAR SHOULD YOU PRACTICE SHOOTING BEFORE YOU DEER HUNT. The best barrel length for 30-06 is 24 for a good compromise between velocity and portability. Change over to a 200 gr bullet, keep the 0.385" seating depth and QL predictions go from around 1770 fps for the magnum case, around 2100 for the max case and around 2170 fps for the 350L case. Anything above a 20 barrel in 5.56 isnt much of an improvement. Is TC producing a 350 Legend barrel? The best barrel length for a 5.56mm rifle is 14.5 to ensure full powder burn. But you have to know exactly what distance the deer is at. At introduction, it received a lot of fanfare but soon faded into, well, near oblivion. The 350 Legend will shoot deer much farther and has better bullets available. While deer hunters have adjusted to this kind of hunting, many of us have been left green with envy at the hunters who could use centerfire rifles to reach out to longer ranges. Sure, you can just adjust for bullet drop. Therefore, bullets exit the muzzle at approximately .355 when fired from any of those three cartridges. The 350 Legend is a fascinating cartridge. Winchester is offering five factory loads for the .350 Legend. The compact size makes this a great brush gun for swamps and other areas where vegetation and branches are dense. The best barrel length for 10mm is 14 for maximum velocity per barrel length in inches. The 30/30 usually shoots either 150 or 170-grain bullets. Everything I said up there about the .357 holds just as true for the .44 Magnum. Ballistics are a wonderful thing, because they provide legitimate/scientific data to support estimations of cartridge effectiveness. Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter to receive firearm news, product discounts from your favorite Industry Partners, and more. It should be a hit in states previously allowing only shotguns. The nominal rim diameter is identical as well, but the 350 Legend does not use the 5.56 as its parent case like the 300 Blackout. The argument can be made that the Ruger American rifle is one of the most popular guns in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio right now. At 16 a 22lr reaches maximum velocity, however, many 22lr rifles are made with longer barrels to help with balancing the lighter firearms. Once the powder is burned up in the barrel, any extra barrel length can decrease velocity at the muzzle. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Neckbone Armory is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. One new winner* is announced every week! A 5 barrel would give more velocity, but the drop from 4 to 3 is more significant than the drop from 5 to 4 is in terms of velocity loss. The cartridge is comparable in size to a .223 Remington yet has a case length that falls within most state's legal parameters. I recommend RTS Tactical for reliable, rifle-stopping options, Youre worth it. The best barrel length for dove, pheasant, quail, and bird hunting is 28 because hunting bird is rarely a close encounter scenario. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you sit the 350 Legend side by side with a 5.56 round, you'll notice they are roughly the same length. WebAssuming you can handle each equally well, A .357 Mag has more energy, better penetration and with the proper bullet better expansion. is even more expensive. Its an ideal cartridge for states with straight-wall cartridge allowances. Its essentially the same as .357 Magnumon steroidswhich means itll stretch out the range to about 100 or 150 yards (roughly the same as the .450 Bushmaster). Many AR-9 SBRs and 9mm pistols are between 7 and 10 inches. Hornadys 170-grain American Whitetail soft-point load, for example, managed 1,551 feet per second out of the Model 350 as compared to 2,200 feet per second from a rifle barrel. Caliber Choice: Straight-Walled Cartridge Resurgence, Taurus Goes Large With Release Of The Full-Sized G3, CMMG Unleashes 10mm Banshee Pistol And SBR, Best 7mm Rem. After all, with modern loads, you can do just about anything with this old warhorse. The 350 Legend is 80 percent more powerful than a .357 Magnum and is effective on deer twice as far away. The best barrel length to suppress is 10.5 for 5.56 and 8 for 300 Blackout if the goal is shortest barrel length that still performs well suppressed. Bottom line: Pick the one you like the best. if you look at a 180-grain bullet for both the 350 and .357, you will see that the .350 has a flat blunt nose, while the 350 is longer and pointed. But, I recently bought a 350 legend and I am impressed. That gives plenty of velocity and allows for longer range shots while still letting the rifle remain fairly portable. The 350 Legend SAAMI bullet diameter is specified at .357-.003. Some 22lr rifles are even made with unusually long 28 barrels to help make subsonic ammo even quieter. The 4 barrel is also a favorite, although the 1 difference doesnt help much with concealing and you lose a little velocity. This is still allowed as far as I know at the time of this writing. Any barrels longer than 14 inches will not produce much more velocity and may even reduce velocity of a 10mm. Lengths smaller than the Federal requirement must either meet the legal pistol definition or be registered as an NFA short barreled rifle (SBR). The Best Barrel Length for 350 Legend AR Pistol For that matter, hunters in other states might find it appealing, specifically because, like the .300 Blackout, its also subsonic-capable. Many seem to still prefer the 45-70 but when you have to load it hot to equal what the base .450 just is, then its not for me. Barrels longer than 22 show no real improvement over the 18-20 barrels. For longer range shooting, a 16 barrel or longer will be better to suppress depending on caliber and distance. The best barrel length for a 357 Magnum is 16 for maximum velocity, 20 for maximum accuracy, and 3 for maximum concealment and portability. COPYRIGHT 2023, WOMG. And actually, I've always maintained that if I had to choose a .357 Magnum or a .44 in a rifle, I'd choose .357 every-time. Most precision 50 BMG rifles have anywhere between a 30-36 barrel length. You may gain another 50 fps with a 26 barrel but most shooters dont opt for the longer barrel. Same parameters as above, gets around 2200 fps from the max case and around 2300 fps from a 350L case. The .350 Legend is no better. if you add to that the fact that you may have accidentally aimed 2 inches low (happens all the time), that means a gut-shot deer. At that point, it is equal to a 40 S&W in a short pistol. You should never shoot a deer at a distance you havent practiced at because you dont know just how the bullet will perform out of Your Specific Rifle. This is partly due to the acquisition of Marlin by Remington Arms, along with the subsequent discontinuance of the lever-action rifle it was chambered in. Plus, the 30/30 is pretty much limited to a tube-fed lever gun, I can shoot 350 Legend in my AR-15. However, most 10mm ARs perform well with 8 to 10 barrels. Judging from the ballistic coefficient alone, the 30-30 has a slight advantage. Theres also some legal definitions around shorter barrels. Different calibers will have different optimal barrel lengths for different scenarios. The best barrel length for a 357 Magnum revolver is 8 and 3/8 inches because that length allows for decent velocity combined with portability. The tang safety is easy to access and operate. Many hunters will opt to add a suppressor to an 18 6.5 Creedmoor rifle or just go with a 20 inch rifle for hunting. Ruger and Mossberg are offering it in compact bolt-action rifles, and we are starting to see new ammunition being introduced. If you are aiming at the center and your bullet drops 4 inches below the point of aim, you just barely nicked the vitals. It is a true joy to shoot, and you'll be more accurate because of it. [26 U.S.C. Short barreled rifles can have any barrel length less than 16 inches to be considered an SBR. Any barrel length under 6 inches will suffer greater muzzle velocity loss, however, that loss is considered acceptable when concealment is a factor. Examples of minimum length requirements in federal law [ATF-NFA] include: 16 inch barrel length for rifles, 18 inch barrel length for shotguns, and 26 inch overall length for both rifles and shotguns. Ironically, its once again becoming popular. Short barreled rifles are subject to the NFA and require a tax stamp, which costs about $200 right now. 10.5 is considered the shortest length you can go while retaining some reliability with a 5.56 AR pistol. As for the ballistics, the longer the barrel, the more velocity youll get. The 350 Legend is a fascinating cartridge. He grew up hunting, fishing, and trapping. The best barrel length for a hunting shotgun is 26-28 for a shotgun with a wide range of applications from wing shooting to slug hunting. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - .357 Magnum rifle versus .350 Legend SBR. Some even opt for shorter 6 inch barrels for really compact builds that will shoot subsonic ammo from a suppressed 22lr pistol. The best barrel length for 45 ACP is 5 for use in most handguns. Besides, that is one of the most popular barrel lengths anyway. The best barrel length for 6.5 Grendel for hunting is an 18 or 20 inch barrel. Only, it is used quite successfully every year. I wont be so bold as to predict the future of the .350 Legend. WebThe 350 Legend is essentially a long pistol round using pistol powder so 16 tends to be optimal. Any barrel longer than 22 for 350 Legend will have diminishing returns and is not typically considered when choosing a round for long range shooting. There is a Federal requirement of at least a 16 inch barrel length and 26 inch overall length for a firearm to be considered a standard rifle. If that happens, the .350 Legend will, in truth, be little more than a legend. Both can handle good, 180-grain hunting bullets, but the 350 can handle them much better. This gun features the Ruger Marksman Adjustable trigger, allowing for adjustments on the pull between three and five pounds. Sign up for daily stories delivered to your inbox. However, barrels as short as 22-24 are often used to hunt duck successfully. The best barrel length for a 300 blackout pistol is 9 to achieve maximum velocity and powder burn in the shortest length barrel. Most 6.5 Grendel barrels shoot well with a 1:8 twist rate. Remember, the point is not to keep things at the lowest minimum, but to keep things reliable. Its loaded with a flat-tipped, 165-grain FMJ bullet. It measures just 35 inches long and weighs in at just six pounds. Besides, that is one of the most popular barrel lengths anyway. The numbers tell us just what can be expected from this new kid on the block (see the chart above). Andget thisit can be fired in any .375 Winchester rifle or any .38-55 designed to be used with smokeless powder. A lot of people like to take a few inches off their barrel length because of the added weight and length to the overall weapon that a suppressor adds. However, for precision rifle shooting (PRS) 24 to 26 inch barrels will generate higher muzzle velocities. Barrels over 16 will not increase velocity significantly because the 458 SOCOM round was optimized for barrels as short as 9.5 and is popular in AR pistol builds. The best barrel length for the 50 BMG is 32 for a good long range rifle. The speeds are also there. It can be used not only on deer, but elk and bears. If they have it in stock, it will usually ship pretty quickly and they have good prices there too. Firearms companies soon realized there was a real market for a low recoil straight wall option capable of a higher muzzle velocity than the other straight wall options out there. A rifle is subject to the NFA only if the rifle has a barrel or barrels of less than 16 inches in length. The extra portability of a shorter barrel is often worth the trade off to many shooters. If you sit the 350 Legend side by side with a 5.56 round, you'll notice they are roughly the same length. I worked as a 45B Small Arms Repairer in the Army and since then I've been enjoying the hobby. After about 10 of barrel length, the velocity increase per barrel inch slows way down though. He serves as contributing editor for several magazines, including NRAs American Rieman and Shooting Illustrated, Varmint Hunter, and Combat Handgunner, and is the editor for Gun Digests Cartridges of the World 13th Edition.

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