Nikusystec in partnership with Nikuni Japan showcases a range of Patented White Ion/Silk Bath (Micro/Nano Bubble Generation Technology) for all kinds of bathtubs and spa pools for the Asean market.

Our Nikuni White Ion/Silk Bath produces millions of Micro/Nano Bubbles, with average of 5um(micron) in diameter. Micro/Nano Bubbles provide the following benefits:

Heat Energy Preservation
• Micro/Nano Bubbles suspend in the water and implode thereby preserving heat energy in the water and maintaining a more consistent temperature in the bath. The result is a more efficient "sauna effect" increase and circulation in body temperature, allowing fewer “cool spots” as the muscles are able to reach a state of “tension release”. This accelerates the release of toxins, improve immune system efficiency, relief stress and deepen relaxation.

Ultrasonic Waves
• The continuous formation and bursting of Micro/Nano Bubbles provides ultrasonic wave energy which gently massage the whole body.

Therapeutic Effect Of Negative Ions
• These effects can include the reduction of free radicals, over-all feelings of well-being, relaxation and serenity, stress and pain relief and enhancing deeper sleep.

Micro/Nano Bubbles
• At microscopic sizes, these Micro/Nano Bubbles are able to enter the skin’s pores thereby removing impurities, carrying oxygen for improved metabolism, pampers skin gently for exfoliation, and improving skin dehydration problems.