Cast Stainless Steel Regenerative Turbine Pump For Process Applications  

  General industrial applications
  Pure water and chemical liquid supply
  Washing solvent supply, suitable for filtration applications

  No metal contact between the impeller and the casing and cover, eliminating wear and reducing contamination
  Simple robust structure with minimal consumable parts, suitable for processes requiring high reliability
  Due to selection of material combinations (SUS304 /PTFE / SiC) can target variety of applications
  Very low noise levels silimar to centrifugal pumps, additional noise reduction measures not required

Performance Curve

 Specification Data   

  Series nameSP
  Total Head Max. 100 m  
  Flow rateMax. 1200 L/min
  Liquid temperature~90 ℃ (Standard)
  ConnectionJIS 10K 


  Casing / coverSCS13
  Mechanical seal

 20~40SP : Ceramic - Carbon
 50SP: SiC-SiC, PTFE
 65SP,80SP : SiC-Carbon,FKM


Special Specification
   Mechanical seal with the  material of Tsungten carbide - Carbon or
   Tsungten carbide - Tsungten carbide availabe for 20SP to 50SP 
   Mechanical seal with the  material of SiC - Carbon or SiC - SiC / Carbon available for 65SP to 80SP
   Tsungten carbide - Tsungten carbide availabe for 20SP to 50SP
   Standard accessories :  Coupling, base-plate, coupling guard