N Series (NP / NH-V)

Stainless Steel Regenerative Turbine Pump    

  General industrial applications
  Circulation of hot and cold water /media
  Integrated with a variety of OEM machines
  Pure water and chemical liquid supply

  Stable and reliable performance at small flow rates
  Suitable for handling a variety of liquids including
  pure water  and various chemicals

Performance Curve

Specification Data

  Series nameNPNH-V
  Total Head Max. 60 mMax. 110 m
  Flow rateMax. 160 L/minMax. 50 L/min
  Liquid temp.~90 ℃~150 ℃
  ConnectionRc thread


  Casing / coverSCS13SCS14
  Mech. sealSiC -SiC, PTFESiC - Carbon, FKM


Standard accessories :  Coupling, base-plate, coupling guard

(Unit : mm,kg)

15NP0.4Rc 1/2Rc 3/82195245211158113050512112014184245210357562012-18
20NP0.4Rc 3/4Rc 1/22186350251149513050512112014184245210357562012-20
0.75Rc 3/4Rc 1/2218635025116951405261221401419926922538558201214627
25NP0.75Rc 1Rc 3/42247060281221051405391221401419926922538558201214627
1.5Rc 1Rc 3/42247060281291051506041551691821430024043065201215637
32NP1.5Rc 1 1/4Rc 12248065351291201506091551691821430024043065201215637
2.2Rc 1 1/4Rc 12248065351291201506091551691821430024043065201215642
40NP2.2Rc 1 1/2Rc 1 1/42388570401231301456291551691823035026050075151215645
3.7Rc 1 1/2Rc 1 1/4238857040821301806921862001828042531061696251217561