C Series (CLD / CTD)

Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump

   General industrial applications
   Petrol and chemical industries
   Food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing
   Pure water and chemical liquid supply

   Due to selection of material combinations in Stainless 
    Steel and PTFE, it can target variety of applications
   Easy maintenanace is possible without removing piping
   because B.P.O (Back-Pull-Out) design had been applied 
   SiC x special carbon mechanical seal (-J) option available
   for pure water (low viscosity liquid) applications 


Performance Curve

Specification Data   

  Series nameCLD-JCLDCTD
  Total headMax. 36 mMax. 76 m
  Flow rateMax. 250 L/minMax. 1400 L/min
  Liquid temperature~ 80℃ ~ 90℃~ 90℃

  Series nameCLD-JCLDCTD
  Casing & coverSCS13
  Mechanical sealSiC- Carbon, PTFESiC- SiC, FKMCeramic- Carbon, PTFE
  ShaftTEFC motor : SS316L       Increased safety motor : SS304
  Motor Data   

  Three phase /
  Total enclosed fan cooled  motor
 50Hz: 200V  60Hz: 200/220V  0.75~7.5kW IP44, Insu. class:F. PS-E・UL
  Three phase increased
   safety motor (A)
 50Hz: 200V 60Hz: 200/220V 0.75~7.5kW IP44, Insu. class: E or B