K Series (KED-V / KHD / KHD-V / KWD)

CAC Bronze Regenerative Turbine Pump 

General industrial applications
Circulation of hot and cold water/media
Integrated with a variety of OEM machines

Lead-free copper components, friendly to people and the environment
Amount of copper leaching onto water < 0.005 mg/L (standard value 0.01 mg/L)
Stable and reliable performance at small flow rates

 Performance Curve

Specification Data   

  Series nameKED-VKHD-VKWD-V
  Total headMax. 60 mMax. 110 mMax. 200 m
  Flow rateMax. 110 L/minMax. 50 L/min
  Liquid temp.~ 120℃ (standard)  /  ~150℃ (-V)

  Casing / coverCAC911
  Mech. sealCeramic - Carbon, NBR (standard)   
SiC - Carbon, FKM (-V)
  O-ringNBR (standard)  / FKM (-V)

  Motor Data   

  Single phase /
Open drip proof motor
50Hz/60Hz: 100/110/115/200/220/230V 0.3~0.56kW IP22, Insu. class: E.PS-E
  Three phase /
Total enclosed fan cooled  motor
50Hz: 200V  60Hz: 200/220V  0.31~3.7kW IP44, Insu. class: E.PS-E
  Three phase increased
safety motor (A)
50Hz: 200V 60Hz: 200/220V 0.31~3.7kW IP44, Insu. class: E.PS-E

(Unit : mm,kg)

15KED02Z0.31Rc 1/2Rc 3/81465245218171298121112901401107x82.31079.5
15KED04Z0.56Rc 1/2Rc 3/81465245218171298121112901401107x82.31079.5
20KED04Z0.56 Rc 3/4Rc 1/2146.56350259571299.512111290140110 7x82.310712
20KED07Z0.975Rc 3/4Rc 1/2140635025958032014812510016513010x84.514618
25KED07Z0.975Rc 1Rc 3/414070602510580326.514812510016513010x84.514622
25KED15Z1.95Rc 1Rc 3/416370602810590356154.514012517614910x121015626
32KED15Z1.95Rc 1 1/4Rc 1167.580653512090366154.514012517614910x121015627