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Centrifugal Coolant Fiiltration.  No Waste! No Filtration Media! No Maintenance! The Vortex Dynamic Filter is a media free coolantfiltration system which achieves filtration through centrifugal force  eliminating the need for disposable paper or cartridge filters.  Features - Filter replacement is not necessary as filtration is  achieved through centrifugal force - Can remove 90% of 10μm sludge for water based coolant  - No bubbles or foam is produced - Contaminants are concentrated in the sludge pod and once removed they cannot return to the coolant tankDownload catalogFiltration performance Underflow Options

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 System features
   ModelDescriptionSludge pod valveSupernatant returnAuto-srop when fullsludge tank w/scraperGather-up conveyor
  C-JAGUARSemi automaticAutomaticOOOx
  NAX-CS ⅡFully automaticAutomaticOON/AO
The LAX is a portable wet-to-dry filtration cleaner and can even filter coolant while the machine is in operation.Easy Operation Runs on single phase power and is portable for use with multiple machinesNo Downtime The LAX does not reduce tank coolant level, therefore it can be used while the machine is runningCapable of drawing in air As the pump can draw in air the unit is capable of drying sludge after cleaning the tank for easy disposal. There is no need for external air supplyDownload catalogFlow Diagram Case study 1. Centerless grinding machine  Material : Steel  Machine : Centerless grinding machine with 100 L tank  Sludge collection time : 10 min  Dehydration time : 10 sec Case study 2. : Running machining center   Material : Aluminum   Sludge collection time : 10 min   Dehydration time : ~2 min
Excellent liquid-solid separation performance with over 90% filtration of 10µm sludge in water based coolant, without the need for costly replacement filters.
ModelFlow rate L/min  /  GPML (mm)W (mm)H (mm)Weight (kg)
   C-CAT M3035  / 9.2410450130067
   C-CAT M5065  /  17415460134069
   C-CAT M7080  / 21520465134077
   C-CAT M100100   /  26520465135582
   C-CAT M200195  / 517355381870125
   C-CAT M300280  / 747355381903130
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(Semi-Automatic Type) Similar to the C-CAT but with the additional benefits of an automated purge system.

  ModelFlow rate L/min  /  GPML (mm)W (mm)H (mm)Weight (kg)
   C-JAGUAR-30LW30 / 8406720118077
   C-JAGUAR-50LW65 / 17415725120579
   C-JAGUAR-70LW75 /20640635120587
   C-JAGUAR-100LW90 / 24640635124092
   C-JAGUAR-200LW195 / 518858251935145
   C-JAGUAR-300LW280 / 748858251970150
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(Fully-Automatic Type) The NAX-CS is fully automatic filtration system including automated purge and gather-up conveyor to remove settled sludge

 ModelFlow rate L/min  /  GPML (mm)W (mm)H (mm)Weight (kg)
 NAXCS 2-30LW30 / 84408001145130
 NAXCS 2-50LW65 / 174408001560136
 NAXCS 2 -70LW75 / 204409401560147
 NAXCS 2 -100LW90 / 244409401600152
 NAXCS -200LW195 / 5181010501865235
 NAXCS -300LW280 / 7481010501900240
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