C Series (CPFD / CPSD)

High-efficiency, self priming and resistant to slurry centrifugal pump

   Supplying slurries contaminated coolant to
   medium or large size VDF (Hydrocyclone) 

   Transferring slurries contaminated liquid from
   underground tank or sump pit

   SiC mechanical seal and fluoroelastomer (FKM) seals provide strong chemical resistance and  suitable for handling
   slurries contaminated liquid. 
   Highly efficient pumps with low power consumption greatly reducing CO2 emissions.
   Horizontal self-primingpump for simple installation and servicing,  and offers flexibility to be  used in mobile applications. 
   Using the Back Pull Out method it is possible to inspect and replace internal pump components without removing piping.

    Characteristic curves show performance with water. However, the CPFD is optimized for coolants and is not suitable 
    for water applications.
    Drawing in exceptionally concentrated slurries all at once may result in clogging around the impeller.
    Please take note of the suction piping inlet when starting the pump
    As the coolant viscosity rises the pump will consume more power. Take caution not to overload the motor.

Performance Curve

 Specification data   

  Series name 20CPFD(S)5/6-07 40CPFD(S)5/6-15 40CPFD(S)5/6-22
  Total head  50Hz/ 60Hz 23.5 / 20 24.5 / 15  35 / 25
  Flow rate  50Hz/ 60Hz 30 / 70 50 / 170 50 / 170
  Suction lifting head - 5.5 m - 5.5 m  - 5.5 m
  Viscosity (mm2/s)  75   75   75
  Connection Rc 1 Suc. Rc. 1 1/2,  Dis. Rc. 1 Suc. Rc. 1 1/2, Dis. Rc. 1
  Motor power (kW) 0.75 1.5 1.5
  Motor standard JEC, UL, PSE, IP44, F class JEC, UL, PSE, IP44, F class JEC, UL, PSE, IP44, F class

   Specification data   

  Series name 50CPFD(S)5/6-22 50CPFD(S)5/6-37
  Total head  50Hz/ 60Hz 27 / 21 38 / 30
  Flow rate  50Hz/ 60Hz 100 / 300 100 / 340
  Suction lifting head - 6 m - 6 m
  Viscosity (mm2/s)  75   75
  Connection JIS 10K , 50A JIS 10K , 50A
  Motor power (kW) 2.2 3.7
  Motor standard JEC, UL, PSE, IP44, F class JEC, UL, PSE, IP44, F class


  Series name CPFD CPSD
  Casing & cover FC200  SCS13
  Impeller SCS13  SCS13
  Mechanical seal SiC- SiC, FKM SiC- SiC, PTFE
  O-ring FKM  PTFE
  Shaft SS316  SS316